my notes are not exciting but i will not sleep till i finish them. because wednesday is the absolute last day i can continue socialpsych and even though its already thursday as long as i havent slept its really still wednesday. in a bid to keep myself sufficiently psyched (pun unintended) id played astropop on, went windowshopping on sgselltrade/sgspree/_spreee countless times, made greentea, masked my face and set as my homepage, hahaa.

on a happier note, my sweet (gasp !) brother brought home half a dozen donutfactory donuts today ! and i had two and a half, too bad for the diet which just started ha ha. ey but honestly krispykremes are still Better By Far. maybe i needa try the plain glazed ones !

whatever it is half a dozen of those prettylittlethings sitting snug in the cheerful orange box after an afternoon nap is always a welcoming sight ! ohayss now BAAACK to the stupid excruciating notes. and i cannot wait for morning to come so i can have donuts for breakfast ! hoho.

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  1. kare

    what are these donuts?! kare leaves singapore and they open up a donut factory?! anw siii. i hate Krispy Kremes. haha. i’ll try to buy u some Tim Hortons donuts when i come back! they are sooo much better.

  2. si

    are you suuuure timhortons are better than krispykremes hahaa. i havent heard of timhortons before ! (but can can i’d looove to try more donuts !!) yayy youre my favourite kare ! you should come back armed with donuts aplenty then we can bum at one of our places with satc and donuts and bake nutellacupcakes and omgg i cannottt wait(:

  3. elysian

    seehwee. donut factory doughnuts are comparable to krispy kremes!! maybe you didn’t have it all nice and warmed up. i find them a tad « healthier » ha ha. they’re not so sweet. anyway. hurry up with the exams so we can take a trip/bake/bum or whatever……!!!

  4. elysian

    oh that was me, mel. hehe.

  5. si

    theyre quuuite sweet ! and i got, i got heat one up hahaa. but 30seconds instead of 8seconds cos it was right out of the fridge THEN RIGHT it was so hot the chocolate burnt my tongue ):
    yes we should do a bakeout soon ! but err kbox before that, please !

  6. ingenue

    another six weeks only lah, very short right. snort snort. and mel’s coming here very soon anyway, so DON’T KBOX OR BAKEOUT OR GO ON A TRIP before the 8th june prettyyy preeeeaasse! 🙂
    and mel. why’re you elysian?? what sort of name is that? isn’t elysian the one that si asked me about on lianne’s blog?? huh? have u started blogging mel??
    oh and. doughnuts are disgusting lahhh. there’s dunkin donuts in singapore now??!

  7. si

    chongss you really dont read my entries one right, only see photos. tsk ! donutFACTORY laa. its the new donut hype at rafflescity. fyi my brother queued 2.5hours for 24donuts 😐 apparently he doesnt have anything to do after exams hahaha.
    and can la caaan chongs we wait for you. you faster okay.


  8. kare

    i’ll definitely buy some back for you!! i just hope i dont eat them all up on t longgg flight back 😦 anw u havent heard of Tim Hortons cos it’s a canadian franchise! but trust me, its Good. capital G intended! take care si! and good luck for finals(:

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