i never want to live alone. its quite disgusting seeing only yourself wherever you turn in the apartment and the skies are rumbling but refusing to rain so its weird and i dont want to close the windows though its already so warm and stuffy with them thrown open.
had a short sweet shopping trip with sokies out yest and realised the longer i dont shop the harder it is to part with my money hahaa and i get grouchy when i dont buy anything at the end of the day. like a sheer waste of my time out. uurgh.
and my aircon is dripping water. my mad mad aircon.
im going to bathe now. and im gonna be generous with my boots bodywash which i save for my Down Days. boooo.

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  1. ingenue

    excuse me missy, I’ve been living along for some, 7months now hurr. its quite an experience really, but its true there’s something about the windows. I refuse to open mine although its rather stuffy indoors, because it used to be too cold outside- now its colder inside than it is outside but it has become a disgusting habit. I even shut my blinds! because I’m not used to the sun shining brightly outside 😦
    anyway does Singapore have Boots?? I never thought so, recently I went crazy Boots-shopping and I thought about Watsons back home and how everything must be one-third the price there :S

    ohwell. random. HELLO BABE I MISS YOU.

  2. si

    noo they dont have boots !! ): ive mine leftover from bangkok ha ha. eyy chongs if your luggage got space riiight can you buy a bottle (or two) or the damask rose and freesia bodywash !!


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