im such a bad person i get annoyed by emo bloggers and their emo blogs and those poignant poetic accounts of lost loves and forgotten memories and allthingsblueee.
those people should get a grip and stop moping and realise theres the world around them.

bad, bad si.


6 Commentaires

  1. the cruel reality

    ehh i lost ur favourite highlighter’s url!

  2. su

    can we have xiaolongbao soon please !

  3. viCk

    i was studying at central forum & i happened to peek at someone surfing a blog on HOW TO DRESS EMO!! haha that someone looks like shes 25 can. and very un-emo-like.
    =\ oops

  4. si

    hahaa ! i want to know leh, how to dress emo. how !! wear black is it.
    hahahaaa when i read your comment i think youre gonna say you saw someone surfing my very-private-and-recently-shifted blog. chehh.

  5. ingenue

    HELLO 🙂

    I think I’m guilty of moping, ha ha ha sorry!

  6. si

    no la chongs different. you got see those soppy ones not. different, really.

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