the crematorium with its many buildings probably holds the most number of poignant memories. i saw a « dear daddy, happy birthday » note (signed by 3 children), a 34yearold guy with the most charming smile -the kind who looks like he can have everything he want plus a goodlooking girlfriend, a 14yearold placed side by side with his mother, and mr wee kim wee. when i walked down the aisle i couldnt help being kaypoh and wondering what’re the stories behind those cement slabs, what they wouldve been if theyre still like you and me, whether their families are done grieving and do they visit often.
personally i dont quite get visiting the crematorium for qingming cos it all comes down to a cement slab with my mums vital information but then when i look at the grey slab i still feel very sad (thats why i look at all the others instead and imagine the stories behind those while we waited for the incense sticks to burn away).
its been hot, but when it rains it poursss and today it poured.
after the crematorium i went to ntuc to look for what i was craving for but i couldnt figure out exactly what it was so i walked out emptyhanded. but i bought a waffle and ate 2 breadtalk breads after and i felt fat so i skipped dinner but now im littlebit hungry. hahaaa.


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