its funny how there’re friends you had been with for afew years at least, but they always feel like new friends- shaky, unstable, unpredictable and Foreign. and then there’re those you’d probably just met, but everything feels strangely right and you know you can call them out for tea and a muffin or two when you want to. just like there’re people you dont have to meet all the time to feel comfortable enough to do things insane, and there’re people you meet everywhere you turn but Somethings Not There and theyll never make it past the big A (for Acquaintance) though everything elses a-okay.
today i realised id been living in the past ! my cell’s calender been in year2006 ! and even though i always felt somethings wrong (like meetings happening a day later than when i thought theyd be) it didnt cross my mind id been living in 2006 :/


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