i didnt know singapore had such lush greenery tucked away in a little corner ! trust me that stupid park is kickass hugeee we spent 3 hours walking from school to kentridgepark and back : im quite excited about r/un N/US ! (:
cos of that i was more than alittle shagged aft, and forsook the bi retreat after tuition ha ha i was really intending to go for post-dinner ! esp if theyre going kbox but id overestimated myself. i sorta wish im there– after all, the last time we are officially together as A Committee but then again ha ha its gonna take alot more than mooshy sentimentalism to drag my butt out of my house. i miss the bicomm ! its a great pity that id just gotten to get used to quite afew of the members and poof the events over and everythings ended and we arent a committee anymore. one of those groups of people you know will never get together for dinner just because, cos we’re not just not that close yet. on retrospect id learned so much from bi07 and the people who made bi07, even though it had been a hair-tearing and nail-biting experience most of the time(: i dont really know where came this thrust to engage myself with such enthusiasm at such activities, this burst very much out of my character, but while its here i think i better make the most of it, before i grow weary and indifferent again ha ha.
minus trekking in my havis (which gave me only one blister, my trusty old flops !) im feeling alittle off-equilibrium about other things in my life. people im dying to catch up with (hello lovelys ! hello RTs (omg you guys wont believe it i saw mrang today outside sim but he didnt recognize me but i recognize him but i didnt say hi and he cut his hair hahaha ! hello piggys ! hello suonists ! hello mydearcousin-whom-i-cant-wait-for-to-join-noosfas !) and books i absolutely have to start on, PRONTO ! and then tuitionkids i have to start whipping into shape for their upcoming midyears ! hahaa. i hope they do well ! if not quite paiseh ! for some reason i cant seem to be One of Those People who can do everything at one time, finish everything on time, and still have perfectly coiffed hair, no pimples, and will not take to stress-binging.
i like blogging. it puts everything back into perspective(:

6 Commentaires

  1. the cruel reality

    u saw my godfather! hahaaah!!!!!!! so cuteeeeee. but what were u doing outside sim ?!

  2. si

    hahaa i change my buses there ! always looked out for you and/or the Turquoise Highlighter but never see before lehhh . you skip sch alot is ittttt you lousy thing.

  3. the cruel reality

    EHH!! speaking of YOUR highlighter babylicious babe, I SAW HER THAT DAY! FWAH SHE LOOKED SOOOO WRONG! (she was without makeup) I think I prefer her with Turquoise highlighted lids. eh maybeeeeee some day we can have lunch together at ur school. SUBWAY!! eyyyy pleaseeee i’m like the model student okay. I dont skip lessons. hahah. Okay I realised I typed alot

  4. J|ng

    SUNSHINE!!!sunshine!!!Poor me is being deprived of it!!Haiz I’ve been away from home for half a year already…miss you all…

  5. si

    fleeeesha! ey how about one of these days afterschool you take bus down to noos and we can subway together ! tell me when’re you early days ! (oh no haha i realised this week im quite not-available. next weekk ??)

    and bo ! when you come back us 4 girls can pull a picnic at botanicgardens okay ! we can baaake in the sun and eat junkfood then kbox after ! i miss you so much):

  6. ingenue

    siiiiiii I miss wearing flipflops, randomly. sometimes I feel like wearing my birks but then I’ll have to choose btwn stockings (and looking like a jap) or losing my toes to the cold 😦

    anywayyyy blogging does put things into perspective doesn’t it, especially when you sometimes think abt stuff in terms of how you’d blog abt it in proper sentences eh.


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