its time to breathe and be happy. the biathlons FINALLLYYYY over (minus debrief and post-events but im definitely muchhh freer now) and it was a huge success, apparently. i wouldnt know cos im err at the enquiries booth half the time. and there’re sweet people dropping sweet messages in both our email box and my cell phone telling us it was a great event and well done and those made me float up into the sky(: and my lit papers over. my socialpsych papers over. my french orals over.

what joy !

then some overdue cny photos-

my baby cousins (cos im competitive and lummm has herr girl cousins so i also want to show off mine HAHA) ! well theres supposed to be 3 of us but the curlyhaired-doll (and she really looks like a cabbage patch kid) was too young to be camera-aware. haha. /us 4(: every newyear, latenight movie and some gallivanting. for some strange reasons too, we only gather for a movie every year, though we live quitequite near and we’re quitequite close. /and my fahhhvoooreet cousin, who looks like she may be joining me in noosfas next year ! (:
suffice to say that aside from my plummeted schoolwork, all trashed in a corner unattended right now, im definitely a-okay right now(: time to get back to mugginggg ! pull my cap up and get ready for sep !
its nice to be alive !

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  1. ingenue

    I’m glad you’re alive! was just about to start questioning where u were over the week, but I’ve been crazy busyy myself 😦 been dancing every single damned day, haven’t seen a shard of daylight for more than 10mins this past wk cause we’ve been at the theatre till midnight every single damned day, just yesterday alone we had 2 fulldress rehearsals and then our first show, TWO!?

    haha okay sorry I’m ranting, gotta run off in a bit to make up and get ready again urgh, will email u when I regain my life in 2 days! LOVE.

  2. the cruel reality


    Lets all have little LUMs, LIs, NGs and BOs! then they can all let them photo whore together and and and and we can all hao lian on our blogs!!! isnt this exciting?! haaa!

    Dont you like wannnnnntttt a baby now?

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