half the world probably got this circulating mail in their inboxes alr, but i justjust got em from dearest nette (the zurnist) and these 2 made me laugh out loud.

im so scared for pre-race kit collection tmr ! theres something BOUND to screw up and i dont know what and omg im so dhfdghkljgh thinking about it. it stinks to have people clearing up the mess you leave behind and i dont want that to happeeeennn. my heart gave a dainty little somersault at, « eh so tomorrow you’re going to be the overall coordinator. can ah? »
caaaan. can is can.

oh pleaseplease let tmr go well. no screw-ups. nobody fuming at wrong information dispensed. no one turning up when theyre not supposed to. no information NOT dispensed cos i forgot (oh my God please dont let me forget anything !). fwarr. and peterparker says with great power comes great responsibility ! hahaa.
but its been fun. aside from the crushing workload, and a particularly annoying socialpysch partner, its been a great experience. when bicomm’s finally over i’ll wanna go on a overseas cip trip(:


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