there is something very draining about Humbert Humbert and his Humbert fantasies. it took me half a day to trudge through some 30 pages. miss ma in sec3 (now married and mrs something but i never remembered whats her husband’s family name) used to tell us that you need to meet the right book at the right time of your life in order to enjoy it. i think right, classic literary works arent tangential to my mind now. more like a totally different plane altogether. haha i managed to finish picoult in a day. this book abt the girl named Trixie who allegedly got raped. then the rapist (Jason) committed suicide. then Trixie ran off to Alaska. then the parents (Laura and Daniel) gave chase. then in the end we realised its really Laura who killed the rapist.
like that how ah. like that how to pass el2101. fwarr got scared really got scared.

anyways ha ha cos gmail failed me again, with regards to sending mass mails, i ended up creaming butter and sugar at 2330 to make nutellacupcakes. little gems which cannot go wrong in the oven and always feel right in the tummy(: ran out of ugly muffin-liners and ended up having to use those purrrrdy ones from b.i.y. so now i have jumbo nutella cupcakes in pretty strawberry-printed cupcake cups. baking is so therapeutic everyone should start baking and there will be no wars on earth but instead loadsa yummy confections. measuring spooning sifting stirring ! even cleaning the butter cream off the mixer is quite fun. i still cant decide whether or not i should bring them to the bicomm meeting tmr. i only have 10 ! thats too much for my dad and brother, and too little for the bicomm people. decisions decisions.
its so hard being si.


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  1. ingenue

    erm, the last I heard, ms ma got divorced recently. and she’s quit sc.. 😦 LOADS of teachers have quit sc!
    anyway ha ha I’m like your very loyal reader si, I shld be given many props for that! I’m typing this in like, the hugeass computer library somewhere right in the heart of central London! oooooh sounds dramatic there aye 😛

  2. nus

    divorced ! hahaha but then again how come im not thatt surprised ! lit teachers are always stuff like that. i think lit makes people irrationally romantic. oh oh and speaking of sc ha ha dyou noee i had to reject mrbowness’s 4 girls who wanted to sign up for the biathlon cos they submitted their names too late and im STILL feeling bad abt it ! cos in an act of shameless desperation afew weeks back i told her im an sc girl (after she smsed me abt the event) and she said, in true chirpy mrsbowness fashion, that she’ll help look for more girls ! then i had to call her last night to tell her i cant accept her girls.
    siigh )):
    and yes chongs very romantic. have you had your special time for buble’s Home yet ? 😉

  3. si

    oshit ha ha i was signed into the nusbiathlon07 gmail account. oops.

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