registration has officially, finally, ENDED. now its onto the other prep work and SOON IT WILL ALL BE OVER !!

i didnt manage to do work today. the times i was awake i was either at the phone or the comp. the times when i werent doing either i was reading picoult’s the tenth circle, lovingly borrowed from my cousin on chu er. speaking of newyears ! its been more than what i’d expected ! save for the mundane house-hopping on chu yi, its been greattt sitting around in a messy house swarming with relatives, tables piled high with good cooking, kid-cousins who used to be so small, and the midnight movie -us 4 again ! and chu san it was the rts (minus dear mrng) and mylovelys (minus our londoner !).

life is good when youve lovers aplenty<3
and i managed to get su and mel to do my uglyface. but im the ugliest doing the uglyface so i win. and photowhoring is great fun when youve a very good camera cell dont you think(: oho my life is good now. all i need is a SUONAAAA REUNION DINNER !! and KAAARE to come back fastly so we can have our mock satc lunch/es 😉
i think it takes very little to vascillate me back and forth the emotional pendulum hahaa.
and i need bakwa ! i cant believe i havent had any ! cny leh NO BAKWA !! gnurrghgkfhgkjfhgkh. heh heh alrightt happy cny all. im going to lovingly update participants particulars now(:

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  1. ingenue

    I don’t understand, why do u put <3 everywhere when u can use ♥ ?? straange.
    anyway do u know do u know, my plan to visit hk with my flatmates in august looks like its really shaping up now! we’ve started looking at accomodation! wheeeeeee 🙂 maybe we can all go together 😛 what say you?

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