its been a while. ive gotten haivis under my skin in the hot sun and biathlon participants had exceeded the Big 8(: what happiness. meanwhile id been wanting eat live and breathe french. incidentally i had been listening to « learn in your car french » and « radio oh-la-la » for the past few hours hoping the language will osmose into me while i send emails and msn nette and su and some other random people.
tmr i shall buy a baguette from deliFRANCE, if thats the closest to a boulangerie francais i can get in singapour(: and then we were talking about sep to france just now (despite discrepancies in exactly when we shall be leaving but the point is WE WILL BE LEAVING FOR FRANCEEE) and i was fantasizing flying around europe on fridays for the Friday Dinners and it shall be the 5 of us, happy european etudiants, basking european sun and breathing european air ! we love you chongs we’re constantly thinking of ways to get across the globe to get to youu<3

on a more melancholic note i think i have stopped anticipating chinesenewyear. i cant be sure if its the cynicism accompanying growing up, or The Mum, or that cny in local context had never been more of a set of stipulated dates to visit relatives you see once a year, but i cant seem to find the toes-tingling feeling anymore when cny approaches. in the spirit of symbolic interationism cny is but a couple of days people attach significant meaning to. i remember when i knew clearly what cny meant -when cny clothes shopping was quite a big deal (even though i end up wearing quite the same stuff every year), and breathing the fresh crisp notes when the parents pack angbaos made me excited. come to think of it it had been 3 years since i had a so to say normal newyear. 2005 there was the uninvited Fire on the 2nd day, and 2006 we were in mourning. 2007 there is a strangeness, cos it doesnt seem right to be festive so soon, yet we lack the official excuse of mourning to avoid cny. during the 7-days wake i remember thinking everything will be harder when we fall back into everyday routine and find the void she had left behind, and now i think its hardest when i have to consciously acknowledge her absence. during socioffood tutorial the tutor asked whose dad cooks at home (a la gendered division of labour in the kitchen) and my hand went up after a little hesitation. when she went around the room asking the reason (all went along the line of « my mums a bad cook » and « he just loves cooking ») i realised i wouldnt be able to verbalize the reason. i froze for a split second imagining having to address the very thing i had pushed to the back of my head to a group of almost-strangers and slunk into my seat. fortunately she must have not seen my hand cos she didnt ask me in the end.

well im still a-okay. quite happy thinking abt the impending midtermbreak, when im determined to clear all my readings. itll also mean bi07 will be comingcomingcominggg* and i cant wait for that either cos its high time it stops bogging down my timetable. i’d been making new friends from the bicomm. i wonder if i’ll be attached enough to feel a little sad when it all ends. right now i dont think so. afterall registration is quite an antisocial act and i settle stuffs alone. what a shame. i started out a year1 filled with with glorious prospects abt making new friends through such an event.


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  1. ingenue

    moo, I didn’t get the part abt France- are you really going? wld u believe I still haven’t been and won’t be going for awhile because The Boyfriend has made me promise to go with him -_- anw the eurostar frm london-paris goes to waterloo station (see the photos at my blog?) so we can take a weekend trip there!

    I’m holing up this cny in the winter cold, if its any consolation at all you’re not alone and I’ve come to conclude we don’t need collective Festive Occasions to tell us when to celebrate (: we’ll have our many celebrations with mooncakes, prawn rolls, bah kwa (for you not me, ugh) and love letters when I go home aight? love you.

  2. ingenue

    oh and I forgot to mention- there’s delifrance everywhere in amsterdam too! its a malaysian/asian franchise though, so I’m afraid you’re not getting any closer to FRANCE babe 😉

  3. si

    haha yeah chongs we dont need the calender to celebrate. when you come back (omgg hurry) we can do loveletters and mooncakes and bahkwas (for everyoneee) and turkey even ha ha on mel’s floor and over the hotplate and everywhere anywhere(: and CHA YUANNNN CHONGS CHA YUANNN.

    and the amsterdam delifrance buay paiseh one right. sell their baguette in europe. not scared people laugh. really not scared.


  4. the cruel reality

    BABE!! didnt know u were THAT BUSY till u told me bout this new blog! loserbestfrens indeed think alike, to the extent of SECRETLY changing blogs together. Hmphs. anyways, u take care and erm hurry hurry for driving after u get over this crazyyyyyybusy period!

  5. the cruel reality

    haha. i didnt know my name would appear as ‘the cruel reality’ but ayyy u know who i am rite? 🙂


    HOW ?!?

  6. si

    sia LAAA cruel reality. not emo man really not emo.

    and WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOW !! USE LAA ! before it becomes a piece of toiletpaper. when’ll you and ticks be free ? maybe we can throw in mrzhong and mrng too ! reunion dinner !!<3

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