there is nothing vaguely resembling a rose, in colour or otherwise, today. there’re days when one thing slips and everything else do too and this is one of Those Days.


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  1. ingenue

    hello si I don’t get your blog url.
    and I dunno why if you’ve explored « every possible layout » on blogger already then how come u didn’t just use this layout for sixteenroses??

    anyway. I’ve given up on our friends. 080322’s dead.

  2. si

    roseate means to resemble a rose, esp in colour geez.
    hahaa dont give up, la. theyll post one. soon. i got try but they very busy la. smoo noe. dont pray pray. nette go dubai alr.

  3. ingenue

    oh, right. haha it sounds like an undecided state between efflorescence and hunger.
    why’s nette in dubai?? ayee but the blog’s really dead what, can’t deny that no one gives a damn enough to post these days!

  4. si

    chongsss are you feeling outoftouch with ussss.

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