i do not really know where that last straw will come that will break the camels back. i came home from french, as usual tres fatiguee from all the verbes irregular and noms and whathaveyous. quick dinner, then i dropped dead on my dads bed around 10, partly out of pissed-ness cos the connection died on me again (and my dad thinks its funny i accused him of disrupting it by coming into the room. HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.) and finally woken up up his thunder snores. i went back to my room and slept till 3. and get this -i consciously woke up at 3 to answer mails (actually it was to do socialpsych, but i got sidetracked and anyways that was a good dramatic punctuation.
hunbert humbert.)
and mails i answered, after a good cup of greentea and my honey/cinnamon mix. it doesnt help that all the unread smses on my cell pressed me for a deadline, of which the most glaring include:
« hey si when are we calling the past participants ? » -the ocomm secretary (allow me to whine here that there’re 1000+ past participants we have to cajole into joining this years bi and im not dying to delve into that but reg is closing 11feb)
 » siii are we going cny shopping? » -mag (i want to !! but when the hell ):)
 » hey have you sent me your part of the report? » -my socialpsych partner (i havent done the cursed report. im too ashamed to reply.)
i feel like skipping tomorrow to settle everything but i cant do thatt. ive tuition tmr night. i was contemplating cancelling but then i remembered this sat ive to cancel all 3 tuitions cos of the swim test (and shite i was supposed to collect my moolah !! ALL 320 !! im beyond peeved.). in a bid to regain some control of my life id given up on my driving practicals. close to 600 lies now in my bbdc account, frozen assets for when si wants to drive again.
un-ironed clothes lie in a heap on my bed. i move them to my chair when im going to sleep. off the chair and off the bed and off the chair again -i havent the time to iron them.
ive un-cashed cheques from regentsec. ive people to meet at the src during the course of the week to do manual registration -the times are staggered and im personally quite worried i’ll forget one of the appointments and end up losing a angry potential participant whom i may have to placate with emails and that’ll take sometime.
whinewhinewhine. i should try getting some stuff done instead of immortalizing my pules. sheesh.


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