my head swells when i think of all the work i havent cleared.
/ another 200ish mighty pages of humbert humbert and his lola
/ socialpsych/ socioffood readings, multiplied to infinitum
/ socialpsych writeup ! supposed to be done by today by it still isnt and i havent the mood to read up and do it
/ francais francais!! je ne comprend pas !
/ polscience is one immense headache by itself, complete with a non-existent prc tutor
/ to call sec schools and past participants. geez.
i need more time and maybe more si’s.

im used to sleeping with an empty acidic stomach. acidic cos of the greentea. empty cos i hero-worship oprah (who ironically isnt really skinny by any standard so whos she to dispense dietary advice sheesh). my brother shoved 4 nuggets under my nose just now, the stale pre-packed chicken smell invading my little haven in front of the comp. i refused, inflated with willpower. hahaa but when i changed my mind and went out to casually/hopefully pick up one nugget he’d finished alllll of them. ass.


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